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          Company Profile

          Established in 1980,we are a professional manufacturer, designer and export- er of innovative and trendy fashion accessories including hottest belts, costume jewelries, bracelets and necklaces , and so on. A total of ninety percent of these products are exported internati-onally, with our main markets in the USA, Europe, Australia, Japan and South America. 

          Our company's QC department is consisted of 30 persons. Inspection of quality must be via three steps. Firstly, the original material must be checked. Secondly, semi-manufactured goods are also under our control in the course of production. Thirdly, finished product must check out before the packing. We ensure our finished product are perfect, the most beautiful and with clean packing. 

          Our highly creative R&D team is consisted of 50 persons. We design outside packing and hangtag for our customer for free. To know the market information and catch the latest fashion tendency, our designers visit the US, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Japan and the Hong Kong SAR five to six times a year. Our designer produces more than 1,500 styles per month, and we have more than 20,000 designs in showroom......

          Contact Us

          Yiwu XinYiFa Fashion Accessories Company

          Add: Building No.10,QiShanLou Village,SuXi Town,Yiwu city,zhejiang P.R.China

          Tel: 86-0579-85916102

          Fax: 86-0579-85916103

          Mob: 86-13506890751  Vicky